@mcscx Sorry, some radio (like the FM band) are below the specified "microwave" interval, but TV is broadcasted above the line of (apparently) 300 MHz. And regardless, if you think there's a difference in hazardous effects in the tiny difference of ~2GHz (compared to visible light being in the hundreds of THz) between TV and 3G/Wifi I would like to hear a good, sound, scientifically arguable explanation. And how GSM fits in there, which hangs around at 900/1800 MHz with much higher wattage in practice than 3G communication.

Considering the range you get from analogue TV broadcasting and the puny microwave transmitters we carry around in our pockets or put on our tables - and then look at what's needed to actually do any physical harm (high output or high frequency) - I would say TV broadcasting towers would be much more worrying. An effect would've shown with increased cancer cases in neighborhoods close to broadcasting towers.