Being physically incapable of controlling our data makes us not in control, regardless of laws. Sure we should treat each other nicely, but laws in itself doesn't help. bottom line, we have to actually make the switch to free software at the end of the end. Meaning running decentralized services, (&optionally anonymous) using GPG/OTR encryption. Only then we can really be in control. Otherwise it just "they aren't supposed to do X or Y" which leads to nowhere. (don't get me wrong here, it is still relevant to share this post or talk about 'laws')
being physically capable of doing something is having the right to do so, thus we shouldn't allow companies to physically sort all data nicely to our accounts, that are linked to our public iP. use #, avoid services which requires non-free JavaTrap, and get in touch with your friends and community and help them running wholly free software.